TIGERFISH (Hydrocynus forskahlii)

a selection of huge size tigerfish caught in Tanzania on fishing trips organized by Tourette Fishing http://www.tourettefishing.com

It appartains at the Carcaridae family; it is also called tiervis, ngweshi, maluvali, mcheni, muvanga, manga, shabani, simu kuta, uthlangi, uluthlangi
Vittatus tigerfish has a wide distribution from west Africa to the Nile and southward to the Zaire, Zambezi, and Limpopo systems. It occurs in Lake Turkana (L. Rudolph) which was once connected to the Nile but has not been able to cross the Murchison Falls and reach Lake Victoria nor has it been able to colonize Lake Kivu from Lake Tanganyika.
The tigerfishes belong to the Characidae family, a large and diverse family containing "toothy critters" such as the potentially dangerous piranhas, biara and payara found in South America and the beautiful tetras and pacus familiar to home aquarists. They are efficient active predators, feeding on fish up to 40% of their own length. They have fantastic appetites, and readily take artificial lures, live bait such as the Lake Tanganyika sardines (kapenta) and even prey on their own species.
The tigerfishes are among the best known and most important game fishes in Africa, commanding high respect amongst anglers, and as such, an important asset to the tourist industry. They are one of the most important components of commercial catches

MAX SIZE: 40 lb / 18 kg
MAX LENGHT: 41 inch / 105 cm
MAX AGE: 8 years

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