GAR ALLIGATOR (Atractosteus spatula)

An huge gar alligator caught in Texas. For more info visit the web site of Capt. K. Kirk

Texas bow fisherman Brent Crawford stalked then arrowed this very huge alligator gar more than 300 pounds (135 kilograms) near his Lake Corpus Christi. 

This alligator gar was 8 foot, 3 inches long and weighed 230lbs! Caught by Johnny Morris.
A 240 lb alligator gar from Sam Rayburn Texas
This fish was caught in Broken Bow Lake, Oklahoma and weighed 327 lbs

The alligator gar is an inhabitant of large rivers, bays, and coastal marine waters from the western Florida panhandle (the Econfina River) west along the Gulf of Veracruz, Mexico, and north in the Mississippi River drainage as far as the lower reaches of the Ohio and Missouri rivers. It has been reported from Lake Nicaragua and the Sapoa River.
Because of its huge size and great strength, the alligator gar is popular with anglers. Obviously, it is not a fish that is easily caught, as its sharp teeth will cut most lines in an instant. They are edible, but are not highly rated by most people. The roe (eggs) should never be eaten as it is toxic to man, animals, and birds (but apparently not to other fish), and will cause severe illness in people and sometimes death in smaller animal.

North and Central America
310 lb / 140 kg
120 inch / 305 cm

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