MANGAR (Luciobarbus Esocinus)

An impressive luciobarbus esocinus (mangar) caught in Turkey. Photo credit to

a nice Luciobarbus Esocinus (Mangar) caught in Iraq on a private lake of ex dictator Saddam Hussein

Luciobarbus is a somewhat disputed genus of ray-finned fishes in the family Cyprinidae. Its species are mainly found around the Mediterranean region. Its type species is the Mangar (L. esocinus), for which the genus was established by Heckel in 1843. The type species' scientific name essentially means "pike-like pike-barbel" (after the Northern Pike, Esox lucius) though a more aliteral translation would be "pike-like wolf-barbel.

MAX SIZE: 310 lb / 140 kg
MAX LENGHT: 86 inch / 220 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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