David Otto with a 99 inch - 253 centimetres wels catish for a weight of 260 lb - 122,5 kilo landed in Po river in Italy

Christian Höing wels 258 centimetres with a weight of 270 lb - 122 kilo.

Angler Dino Ferrari 260 centimetres with a weight of 265 lb - 120 kilo.

This 271 cm and 286 lb - 130 kg wels catfish was landed and releasedn on Po river in Italy with "Il Campo del Siluro"

Angler Eduardo Calderón Nasarre with a catfish wels of 2.47 mt caught in Spain.

Angler Dino Ferrari, while fishing on River Po in north Italy, a monster size wels catfish of 8.6 feet - 259 cm and 260 lb - 117 kg.

A 250 centimetres wels catfish caught and released in France

A 267 centimetres and with a weight of 127 kilos - 280 pound caught by Dino Ferrari on Po River Italy. Read more about at: International Fishing News

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