PERCH NILE (Lates niloticus)

Tim Smith with a Nile perch caught in  Murchison Falls, Uganda, Africa 249 pound - 112 kilo.
A 108 kg (237lbs) perch Nile caught in Uganda at Murchison Falls by Marco Magyar.

Andrew Paul landed a Nile perh while fishing Lake Turkana, Kenya,

A giant nile perch caught on lake Nasser in Egypt. For more info about fishing here: 

Nile perch is a member of the Centropomiadae family; also called giant perch, Niger perch. Endemic to the African continent, they can be found in rivers and lakes in tropical regions. It is known to be present in the Blue and White Niles, the Niger and Benue rivers, and in lakes Rudolph, Albert, Tanganyika, Fayoum, and Menzaleh. Good Nile perch fishing is well known below the Aswan Dam and at the junction of the Blue and White Niles. Until recently, there were no Nile perch in Lake Victoria, but recent introductions of this species into Lake Victoria have been extremely successful, and the species is said to be prolific there now due to the availability of plentiful forage fish.

MAX SIZE: 510 lb / 230 kg
MAX LENGHT: 78 inch / 200 cm
MAX AGE: Unkonwn

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