CATFISH WELS (Silurus glanis)

A mighty 218 lb and measured 7 feet caught bt German anglers Stefan Seuss,  Uli Schuppler and Patrick Nimz of Team Black Cat

A world record size wels catfish from Italy.

Roberto Godi weighed a catfish wels of 250lbs 3ozs on Po river in Italy.

This huge 7,7 feet wels catfish was landed on River Po in Italy by  Team Black Cat

Occurs mainly in large lakes and rivers, though occasionally enters brackish water in the Baltic and Black Seas. Found in deep waters of  dams constructed on the lower reaches of rivers. Known to feed at night on ducks, voles, crayfish and small fishes. Spawns in the salt water of the Aral Sea (at Kulandy). Its distribution is wide: Russia, Central & Eastern Europe. Germany, upper Rhine and eastwards to  the Black and Caspian Seas.

MAX SIZE:265 lb / 120 kg
MAX LENGHT:98 inch / 250 cm
MAX AGE:aprox. 15 years

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