CATFISH MEKONG PANGASIUS (Pangasianodon gigas)

 The biggest ever mekong catfish (Pangasius f.) caught with rod and reel. A monster catfish of 260 lb 117 kg caught in Thailand in a Krabi lake by David Kent.

 Surely the biggest mekong catfish ever caught. this fish was landed using a net in Laos. A fish of over 450 lb (203 kg).

A 185 pound (84 kilogram) mekong catfish.

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The Mekong giant catfish or giant carp (Pangasius family) is perhaps the most interesting and most threatened species in the Mekong river. For this reason conservationists have chosen it as a sort of “flagship” species to promote conservation on the Mekong. With recorded sizes the Mekong’s giant catfish currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records' position for the world’s largest freshwater fish.

MAX SIZE:773 lb / 350 kg
MAX LENGHT:118 inch / 300 cm

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