SHARK MAKO (Isurus oxyrinchus)

A 917 pound 415 likos shark mako caught by Craig Winters off California

Off the costs of Block Island, Rhode Island (USA), a enormous  mako shark of a wopping weight of  996 lbs 8 oz was landed by the crew of the boat ‘Bottom Line’

MAX SIZE: 1325 lb / 600 kg
MAX LENGHT: 12 feet / 4 mt
MAX AGE: 30 years

The mako shark is  memeber of the Lamnidae family. This shark is also called:shortfin mako shark, longfin mako shark, blue pointer shark, short nosed mackerel shark.
 Mako shark is found worldwide in tropical and warm temperate seas, these solitary, pelagic, fast swimming species rarely come in close to shore. The shortfin mako, (Isurus oxyrinchus), is most often encountered by anglers as it is more likely to move in shore on occasion. The longfin mako, (Isurus paucus), is a widely distributed off shore species considered rare in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, seems except along the coast of Cuba.

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