INCONNU (Stenodus leucichthys)

This Inconnu was landed in Yukon on Dalton Trailer Lodge.

This inconnu was caught while spin fishing in Alaska with

A nice size inconnu certified IGFA world record
A big size inconnu caught by Mike B
Inconnu Video:

Inconnu or Sheefish  it is a member of the Salmonidae family; it is also called sheefish, . Inconnu is a French name meaning “unknown.”
This fish is member of the salmon family is found in of Alaska throughout the Yukon River into Canada as well as the MacKenzie River and Great Bear and Great Slave Lakes in Canada's Northwest Territories. You can also catch some in the Anderson River near Cape Bathurst, and in isolated areas of extreme northern British Columbia. In coastal areas this species is anadromous, and live either in saltwater or in freshwater.

DISTRIBUTION:Alaska and Canada
MAX SIZE:88 lb / 40 kg
MAX LENGHT:60 inch / 150 cm
MAX AGE:Aprox 20 years
ENVIRONMENT:Freshwater - Saltwater

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