MUSKIE (Esox masquinongy)

This fish, caught by tangler Dan Polniak, fishing out of Clayton, N.Y. stretched the tape to an amazing 60 inch. They release it; guide Rich Clarke estimated the fish was pushing 60 lb.

Top guide Ben Beattie muskie 52.5 inch. (

Minnesona muskie 52 lb 

Muskie caught in Michigan US of 60 lb.

Joseph Seeberger fishing in Lake Bellaire Michigan caught this 58 pound - 26.4 kilos monster musky on light line.

This big freswater preators is  is also called: muskellunge, maskinonge,  barred muskellunge, great pike, muskallonge, muskie, musky, 'lunge, silver muskellunge, , spotted muskellunge, great muskellunge, blue pike, etc. Muskie is an endemic fish to the northeastern United States, throughout the area of the Great Lakes south to Georgia, and to Quebec (St. Lawrence Seaway) and Ontario in Canada. This fish has been introduced into Manitoba west of Lake Winnipeg. Musky  rarely ventures far from cover, and prefers shallow, heavily vegetated, usually along rocky shorelines in slow moving streams and larger rivers.

MAX SIZE:70 lb / 32 kg
MAX LENGTH:72 inch / 183 cm
MAX AGE:30 years

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