TROUT BROOK (Salvelinus fontinalis)

 Manitoba Record Brook Trout - Tim Matheson's Brook Trout

Also called eastern brook trout, speckled or spotted trout, aurora trout, mountain trout, speckled char, brook char, salter, sea trout, square tailed trout, square tail, mud trout, brookie, breac, coaster, native trout
It is native to northeastern North America, primarily from the Great Lakes north to the Hudson Bay and east to the Atlantic and Arctic coasts. It occurs in the Appalachians southeast of the Great Lakes to the northeastern corner of Georgia. It inhabits clear, cold mountain streams and lakes, prefering cold water  temperatures.

MAX SIZE: 22 lb / 10 kg
MAX LENGHT: 33 inch / 86 cm
MAX AGE: 24 Years

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