SHARK NURSE (Ginglymostoma cirratum)

A nurse shark caught in Florida on board Lady Pamela2

Jeff's first 7ft Nurse Shark caught in Florida

The nurse shark, is the only member of  family Ginglymostoma. This sand shark  can reach a length of 4,3 metres (13,9 feet) and a weight of around 335 kilos (735 lb). The nurse shark is a common inshore shark, found in tropical and subtropical waters on the continental and insular shelves. Nurse shark is frequently found at depths of 1  meter (3 feet)  or less but may occur down to 75 m (246 feet). This shark lives in the  in the Eastern Atlantic from Cameroon to Ivory Coast; instead in  Western Atlantic from Rhode Island down to southern Brazil; in the Eastern Pacific is found from the southern Baja California to all Peru.

MAX SIZE: 735 lb / 335 kg  
MAX LENGTH: 12,9 feet / 4,3 metre
MAX AGE: Unknown

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