LOUVAR (Luvaras Imperialis)

Captain Josue Moreno of Pisces Sportfishing Fleet in Mexico found offshore dead on the surface this big louvar. www.piscessportfishing.com

Alien head??? No it is a louvar fish.

The louvar or luvar (Luvarus imperialis), is a member of the perciform family. Very little is know about this oceanic strange and mysterious fish. Louvar is a big ellipsoidal fish, growing to 6.6 feet - 2 meters in length. It is pink in color and possesses a characteristic bulging forehead. Louvar is often found in surface waters of temperate and tropical oceans throughout the world. Louvar feeds mainly on jellyfish, ctenophores, squids and other soft bodied planktonic animals.

MAX SIZE: 220 lb / 100 kg (?)
MAX LENGTH: 6,6 feet / 2 metre
MAX AGE: Unknown

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