HAPUKA (Polyprion oxygeneios)

A big size 145 pound - 65 kilos hapuka bass caught in New Zeland with Enchanter Fishing Charters www.fishntrips.co.nz

85 lb - 38 kg Giant Hapuka Sea Bass.

Mike Howerth with a super size hapuka http://news.fishntrips.co.nz

The hapuka bass (Polyprion oxygeneios) is a memeber of the wreckfish; this deep water predator is mainly found around southern Australia, Chile, and New Zealand at depths of between 100 feet to 250 feet (30 to 800 metres) and can reach the 220 pound - 100 kilos.

DISTRIBUTION: South Pacific and Atlantic O.
MAX SIZE: 220 lb / 100 kg 
MAX LENGTH: 70 inch / 180 cm
MAX AGE: Up to 40 years

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