SEERFISH CHINESE (Scomberomorus sinensis)

An huge Chinese Seerfish of 184 pounds 83.35 kilos caught in Korea by angler Boo-Il Oh in late 1982. 


This enormous Chinese Seerfish was caught while jig fishing off Korea coasts by angler Tommy Hiro. This monster mackerel was 85 inch - 2.18 centimetres and with a weight of 123 pound 56 kilogram. www.

The Chinese Seerfish or giant king mackerel(Scomberomorus sinensis) it is the biggest of the king mackerel family. Seems to grow up to 150 - 170 pounds but fishes well over 180 pounds were caught. This monster mackerel lives in Pacific Ocean from Sea of Japan throughout the Yellow Sea and south Vietnam. Like other mackerel this fish is a voracious predator and can be found in small schools. Any way very little is know about this big pelagic predator.

DISTRIBUTION: Est Pacific Ocean
MAX SIZE: 180 lb / 80 kg
MAX LENGTH: 86 inch / 220 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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