GAR TROPICAL (Atractosteus tropicus)

While spin fishing in Costa Rica’s Rio Frio angler Mauricio Solis Salas landed a  19 lb  - tropical gar. Salas was fishing with local guide Francisco Mejias Naranjo and needed 15 minutes to land the fish.

Dr. Jose Pereira Perez caught this tropical gar (Atractosteus tropicus) while fishing the Rio Frio in Costa Rica. He eeded only ten minutes to cathc this 14.76 kg - 32 lb 8 oz gar.

Tropical Gar Video:

Tropical gar,is a Predator fish found in freshwaters from southern Mexico to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala; It us reported to reach lengths of up to 50 inch - 1.25 m in the wild for a weight of around 25 lb - 11 kg.

DISTRIBUTION: Central America
MAX SIZE: 25 lb / 11 kg
MAX LENGTH: 50 inch / 125 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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