A monster Blue Catfish caught in the Mississippi River weighing 118 lbs -53 kg

Zakk Royce caught this blue catfish certified, weighed and witnessed at 91 pounds! This is the current North Carolina state record.

Oklahoma Blue Catfish Tops 90 Pounds.

Austin Hoffman was fishing on the Ohio River when he hooked this 47.7 inch and 52.95 pound - 24 kilo blue catfish.

Coel Roberts caught this nearly 97 lb blue on the Kansas River, US.

Burr Eddie landed a blue catfish of 120 pound - 54.3 kilos with a length of 55 and 1/8 inches and a girth of 45 inches to break the Missouri state record for alternative fishing

While competing in a bass tournament, Noy Vilanysane hooked into something that was not a bass. In fact, it was a 102.9 pound - 46.6 kg blue catfish. 

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