ARCTIC CHAR (Salvelinus alpinus)

Frank Bluch recently in his annual trip to Canada where he fishes with local guide Mike Harrison when fishing on Tree River, which produced two pending Arctic char (Salvelinus alpines) class records for Bluch. The bigger of the two was this 9.64 kg (21 lb 4 oz)  while casting a Dumbell Strip Tease fly.

Dr. Mark Hatton  traveled from his home in West Milford, New Jersey, USA to Canada’s Northwest Territories in Nanook River to target arctic char. This fish was 33 inch - 86 cm long.

Jim Sollecito with a giant size arctic char caught in Tasiuyak Lake. A fish of 7.94 kg 17 lb 8 oz

The most northerly of all freshwater fish, the Arctic char is circumpolar in distribution, occurring around the globe from Maine and New Hampshire in the United States northward across northern Canada, Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, and from northern Russia south to Lake Baikal and Kamchatka as well as in Iceland, Great Britain, Scandinavia, the Alps, and Spitsbergen, among other places. An anadromous species (except where it has become landlocked), the Arctic char always returns from the sea to spawn in fresh water, usually in lakes or quiet pools of rivers over gravel bottom. 

DISTRIBUTION:North America, Europe
MAX SIZE:30 lb /15 kg
MAX LENGHT:42 inch / 107 cm

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