TROUT BROWN (Salmo Trutta)

The IGFA All taclke world record for the Brown Trout 18.8 kg / 41 lb caught by Tom Healy on Manistee River, Michigan
A brown trout caught in Lokvarka Reservoir in Croatia  55 lb / 25,5 kg

Fishing in the Milwaukee Harbour, Wisconsin, USA, fishing guide Eric Haataja landed a brown trout of 97 centimetres while casting a skirted jig. After a tough 10 minute fight, Eric boated the brownie to measure and photograph, before releasing it alive. (

On the top three monster size brown trout caught by guide  Eric Haataja on Lake Michigan. (

An huge brwon trout from Austria by angler Hans Schaar 36 lb - 16.30 kilos

Brown trout is part of the salmonidae family; it is also called German brown trout,  Lochleven trout, European brown trout, brownie sea trout, lake trout, brook trout, river trout, bull trout, English trout, von Behr trout.
Native to Europe and parts of Asia, from Afghanistan and the Aral Sea across Europe to the British Isles, and back across Scandinavia to Poluostrov Kanin (Cape Kanin), Iceland, in Russia, on the Barents Sea. This trout has been introduced in other areas, notably, Newfoundland, Canada, U.S.A., South America, Africa and
New Zealand . Today it is found throughout the USA in the Great Lakes area, to the northern edge of Georgia, south in some high gradient streams and rivers of the Mississippi River drainage system,  south in the Appalachians,  throughout much of Nebraska, and in every state west of Texas and Nebraska to the Pacific coast.

DISTRIBUTION:Europe - North America
MAX SIZE:55 lb / 25 kg
MAX LENGTH:55 inch / 140 cm
MAX AGE:Aprox. 20 years

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