WOLFISH (Anarhichas lupus)

A wolfsh caught in North Norway www.dintur.no

A really nice wolffish of 102cm - 30 inch per 10,4 kg - 23 pound caught in Eidet Havfiske

A nice size wolfish caught off Soroya island in Norway (info@soroyafishing.com)

Monster 48 lb -23 kg wolfish caught off Sørøya island by Ronald Hendriks

The wolffish (Anarhichas lupus), is also known as the seawolf, Atlantic catfish, ocean catfish, devil fish, wolf eel , or sea cat The wolffish of North Atlantic marine fish, the largest of the wolffish family Anarhichadidae. The largest specimen ever recorded measured more that 150 cm (about 5 feett) long and weighed 18 kilos (40 pound).

DISTRIBUTION:North Atlantic Ocean
MAX SIZE:400 lb / 18 kg
MAX LENGHT:59 inch / 150 cm
MAX AGE:Unknown

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