SAILFISH PACIFIC (Istiophorus platypterus)

Stacy Parkerson with a record sailfish caught on board "Sprit of Pilar" off Banana Bay Marina in Golfito, Costa Rica.

Top angler Enrico Capozzi with a record size Pacific Sailfish caught on fly.
Carl Stewart with a 221 lb Pacific Sail, Ecuador 1947. this is the biggest sailfish ever caught with rod and line.

The Pacific Sailfish inhabits all the tropical and subtropical waters of Pacific and Indian Oceans usually near land masses. Mainly found in depth over 70 feet - 20 metres. This sailfish is a pelagic and migratory,  usually travel alone or in small groups. In some areas like Baja California it is possible see schools of 50 or more of these fishes. They appear to feed mostly in midwater along the edges of reefs or current eddies.

DISTRIBUTION: Pacific and Indian Ocean
MAX SIZE: 245 lb / 110 kg  
MAX LENGTH: 8,4 feet / 2,8 metre
MAX AGE: Aprox 15 years

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