ANTARCTIC BUTTERFISH (Hyperoglyphe antarctica)

A nice couple caught in New Zealand with Enchanter Fishing Charters

A bluenose sea bass 40 lb - 18 kg caught on Ranfurly Banks with Enchanter Fishing Charters.

The Antarctic butterfish is also called bluenose sea bass or deep sea trevalla, is found in all the southern oceans mainly in Southern Australia and New Zealand. Seems to lives at depths of between 130 feet - 40 and 5000 feet - 1500 mt.
It si reportet to grow up to 55 inch - 140 cm, with a maximum published weight of 130 lb - 60 kg.

DISTRIBUTION: South Atlantic Ocean
MAX SIZE: 130 lb / 60 kg 
MAX LENGTH: 55 inch / 140 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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