HUCHEN (Hucho hucho)

An Huchen  of 40 pound - 18.5 kg  caught on Drina river 

 Angler Mladjo Obrenovic with an huchen over 45 pound - 20 kg

  Gailberger Markus wit a 128 cm huchen per - 55 pound - 25,5 kg 
a big one from Drina river (Montenegro)

An huge huchen from Drina River (Danube Salmon)

The huchen  or Danube salmon  is a species of freshwater predator fish in the salmon family (Salmonidae). Huchen is native to the the Danube basin in Europe 

MAX SIZE: 88 lb / 40 kg
MAX LENGHT: 63 inch / 160 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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