CATFISH GOONCH (Bagarius bagarius)

CATFISH GOONCH (Bagarius bagarius) caught by Geremy Wade in India. A fish of over 120 pound.

An huge Bagarius of 105 kilos (230 lb) was caught in the Jamuna River, Bangladesh.
Goonch caught in Bangladesh.

Bagarius bagarius is commonly known as the Devil Catfish, which is also referred to as Bagarius yarellii. This catfish is quite a rare find amongst shipments of fish from Asia. Bagarius bagarius belongs to the family Sisoridae which are more commonly referred to as Asian Hillstream Catfishes.They are naturally found in the fast flowing freshwaters of southern Asia. Most of the catfish within the family Sisoridae are small to medium in size from 6-30cm, with the exception of Bagarius with representative species growing in excess of 2 metres! Bagarius are predatory fish quite and tend to be omnivorous. Goonch are able to inhabit mountain streams by virtue of the fact that the skin on the undersides of their bodies is adapted by being corrugated thus acting as an adhesive attachment to rocks. 

MAX SIZE:230 lb / 105 kg
MAX LENGHT:78 inch / 200 cm
MAX AGE:Unknown

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