COD ATLANTIC (Gadus morhua)

Morten Hvam fishing off the island of Soroya landed this massive 91 pound Atlantic cod.

An 80lb atlantic cod caught in north Norway.

 Huge 60 lb cods caught in Norway
A 72 lb - 33 kg by Stefan Smith on Sørøya Island in Norway with

Huge 75 + cod cod caught with a Savagear lure (

Cod Atlantic occurs in subarctic and cool temperate waters of the North Atlantic from Greenland to North Carolina, including the Hudson Strait, and from Novaya Zemlya, in Russia., to the northern reaches of the Bay of Biscay, including the Baltic and North seas and Iceland. The cod can be found in depths of up to 220 fathoms and prefers rough bottoms composed of sand and rock or of shells. It is migratory though the extent of its migration varies among stocks. Most cod taken by anglers are caught by bait fishing on the bottom from a drifting or anchored boat, but many are taken by jigging and deep trolling as well. . Other good baits include strip baits of squid, fish, crabs, sand eels, and capelin. Artificial lures such as chrome diamond jigs, spinners, bucktails, spoons, and shiny metal squids may also be used. The largest cod known to have been caught weighed 212 lbs  (95.95 kgs) and was taken in May of 1895 off the coast of Massachusetts.

DISTRIBUTION:North Atlantic Ocean
MAX SIZE:210 lb / 95 kg
MAX LENGHT:72 inch / 185 cm
MAX AGE:aprox. 15 years

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