PIRAIBA CATFISH (Brachyplatystoma filamentosum)

World record IGFA piraiba catfish (lau Lau) 341 lb / 155 kg caught on Rio Solimos in Brasil by Jorge Masullo de Aguiar.

Piraiba over 200 lb (90 kg) caught in a Barsil Amazon river.

 This piraiba was 196 lb - 88 kilo and was caught in Guyana forest.

Five person are needed to hold this huge piraiba.

Piraiba catfish is a member of the  family Pimelodidae.This huge catfish is occasionally called   goliath catfish.
Piraiba is found in the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers, and other tropical freshwater and brackish habitats in South America. Seems that this catfish is a migratory. Piraiba can grow up to 550 pound - 250 kilo. It is mainly caught with dead or live bait on the bottom.

MAX SIZE:550 lb / 250 kg
MAX LENGTH:10 feet / 3,6 metres
MAX AGE:Unknown

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