ALTAI OSMAN (Oreoleuciscus angusticephalus potanini)

A superb size altai osman caught by Mr.Wai Loong friend during an expedition in a wild zone of Mongolia. Probably a world record size fish.

Mr Piotr Pirskosky with an average size altai osman caught on a Salmo lure.

A nice Altai Osman (Oreoleuciscus angusticephalus potanini) caught in Mongolia.

Oreoleuciscus is a genus of cyprinid fish which is only found in Russia and Mongolia. There are currently four recognized species in this genus. (angusticephalus, dsapchynensis, humilis, potanini) 

DISTRIBUTION:Russia, Mongolia
MAX SIZE:24 lb /  12 kg
MAX LENGHT:45 inch / 110 cm

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