BARBEL COMIZO (Barbus Steindachner)

Barbel Comizo (Barbus Steindachner) or Iberian Barb IGFA all tackle world record 15.5 lb (6.95kg) caught by Stan Nabozny in Guadiana River

Juandita Punales Sanchez with a 21lbs 1oz comizo.

Tony Davies-Patrick caught this 31lbs 4oz - 15.50 kilo Barbel Comizo from Guiadiana River in

Angler Juandita Punales Sanchez with a 26lbs 2oz - 11.77 kilo

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Fishing for barbel comizo.

Family: Minnows or carps; Inhabits middle and lower reaches, in deep and slow water, with abundant submerged plants. Feeds on invertebrates , plants and fish. Is threatened by pollution, habitat destruction and the introduction of new species.

MAX SIZE:33 lb / 15 kg
MAX LENGHT:50 inch / 130 cm
MAX AGE:aprox. 15 years

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