CATFISH VUNDU (Heterobranchus longifilis)

A nice vundu catfish caught in Tanzania on a Tourette Fishing exploratory trip.

Marc towers with a nice size vundu catfish

The vundu catfish (Heterobranchus longifilis) is a species of airbreathing catfish found in the African countries of Niger, Senegal, Egypt, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is also called the sampa, cur, lenda, or certa catfish. Is the largest freshwater species in southern Africa. Occurs in large deep rivers within the mainstream or in deep pools and lakes. Most active at night, feeding on any available food, including invertebrates and insects when small, fish and other small vertebrates when large. Scavenges off large carcasses and offal from riverside villages. Lives for 12 or more years.

MAX SIZE:  125 lb / 55 kg
MAX LENGTH:  66 inch / 170 cm
MAX AGE:  Unknown

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