DRUM BLACK (Pogonias cromis)

Anlger George Liska with a back drum caught in Florida

An huge 42,5 Black Drum caught in Texas by Isidro Hernandez

Angler Elizabeth Johnson caught this big  17.5 kg - 38 lb 8 oz black drum while fly fishing Louisiana’s Biloxi Marsh with guide Brian Johnson

Angler John Slayton caught this 47" Black Drum from the pier.

Found in the western Atlantic Ocean from Nova Scotia to northern Mexico, including southern Florida, then from southern Brazil to Argentina. An inshore, schooling fish, the black drum is known to inhabit areas near breakwaters, jetties, bridge and pier pilings, clam and oyster beds, channels, estuaries, bays, high marsh areas, and the shorelines over sandy bottoms.

DISTRIBUTION:West Atlantic Ocean
MAX SIZE:110 lb / 50 kg
MAX LENGTH:66 inch / 1700 cm
MAX AGE:more than 40 years

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