ROOSTERFISH (Nematistius pectoralis)

A world record fly fishing roosterfish caught from the shore (

This 101-Pound (45.5 kilograms) Roosterfish was caught by angler Jack Kautz near Punta Arena off the East Cape of Baja California.

Olivier Charpernter of Peche Panama and an his client with a super roostefish caught on spin fisnign
George Couch with an 85 plus pound roosterfish caight off Tropic Star Lodge in Panama (

Angler Leah Genoun e caught this huge size roosterfish during a recent trip to Zancudo Lodge.

A world record size roosterfish caught in Mexico.

Occurs in the eastern Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California to Peru. most commonly off Ecuador. An in shore species, it is found in the surf, over sandy bottoms, and in moderate depths. It is a predator of small fishes. When hooked or in pursuit of prey it will raise its dorsal fin like a flag and leap repeatedly, greyhounding over the surface. Fishing methods are trolling or casting baits and lures, or live bait fishing from a boat or shore.

DISTRIBUTION:East Pacific Ocean
MAX SIZE:120 lb / 55 kg
MAX LENGHT:65 inch / 170 cm
MAX AGE:Unknown

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