SHARK BLUE (Prionace glauca)

A teenager from Amesbury,Ethan Lynch, who caught an enormous blue shark last week in waters off Newburyport may have gotten more than the thrill of a lifetime. It was 12-foot per 458 pound.

Angler Bob Pollard fishing off coast Cornwall, England, reel in this 112 kilos - 248 pound blue shark.

SHARK BLUE (Prionace glauca) habitat: Tropical and temperate open ocean environments. In some areas migrates into shallow water at night. Abundance and distribution: Circumglobal. The Blue shark probably has the greatest range of any shark species. Once extremely abundant, over-fishing has caused a worldwide population crash.

MAX SIZE:440 lb / 200 kg
MAX LENGHT:12 feet / 4 mt
MAX AGE:Unknown

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