SALMON COHO (Oncorhynchus kisutch)

Rudisil of Bethel, with a 35+ -pound Coho Salmon.

A large Northern Coho caught in the Skeena River area by angler Kirk Vensel with guide: Andrew Rushton of Kalum River Lodge + (250) 635-7204

Hal Kvislewith a 22.5 pound choco salmon from Rivers Inlet Sportsman’s Club

Salmon Coho is a predator fish that lives into the Pacific Ocean and the rivers flowing into it from northern Japan to the Anadyr River, Russia, and from P. Hope, Alaska south to Monterey Bay, California. Infrequently, it has been reported at sea as far south as Baja California (USA). Salmon Coho is has been transplanted into the Great Lakes (USA) and into freshwater lakes in Alaska and along the U.S. Pacific coast as well as into Maine, Maryland, and Louisiana in the east, Alberta in Canada, as weel in South America like Argentina, and Chile.

MAX SIZE: 40 lb / 18 kg
MAX LENGHT: 44 inch / 120 cm
MAX AGE: 3-6 years
ENVIRONMENT: Saltwater- Freswater

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