BASS KELP CALICO (Paralabrax clathratus)

While fly fishing in Catalina, California, anglerAl Quattrocchi, Capt. Bill Matthews (, landed a kelp bass (calico)  weighing 2.49 kg (5 lb 8 oz) using 10 kg (20 lb) tippet with a Q's Minty Mack fly. 

Valerie Beckwith and her World Record Calico Bass 

The kelp bass lives along the central and southern California coast and northeastern Baja, and ranges from the Columbia River,  Baja California, Washington to Magdalena Bay, . Kelp bass is usually found in or near kelp beds, over reefs, around rock jetties and breakwaters or structures in shallow water and to about 140 ft. (40 m). Whilesmall bass are found throughout the water column, larger specimens usually occur in deeper waters.

DISTRIBUTION: East Pacific Ocean
MAX SIZE: 20 lb / 9,0 kg
MAX LENGHT: 55 inch / 140 cm
MAX AGE: Aprox 15 years

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