GROUPER BROOMTAIL (Mycteroperca xenarcha)

An huge broomtail grouper caught in Panama (

Broomtail grouper taken at the Furuno Bank in Costa Rica.

This broomtail was caught in Costa rica (

A 100 lb - 45 kg Broomtail Grouper caught on  December 1998 by angler  Ernesto Jouvin off El Muerto Island, Ecuador, using a MirrOlure.

Broomtail grouper can be distinguished from other  Pacific grouper by the exserted ray on the tail. this grouper has a broad distribution stretch from Peru to southern California in the north. Juveniles groupers may be found inshore in shallow waters around mangrove estuaries, while adults are typically found offshore to depths of 60 meters - 180 feet. Broomtail are savage predators that must be quickly turned once hooked before they can retreat into structure. 

DISTRIBUTION: East Paacific Ocean
MAX SIZE: 110 lb / 50 kg  
MAX LENGTH: 55 inch / 140 cm
MAX AGE: Around 40 years

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