Dirk Wünning  with a 27.5 kilos - 60 pound leerfish caught in Gran Canaria Island, Spain. www.bluemarlin3.com

Reinhold Schwarzwaelder with an IGFa world record size leerfish (www.igfa.org)

A leerfish caught in Spain on the Ebro river delta

Leerfish or garrick fish is found in all eastern Atlantic Ocean along the entire coasts of the Iberian Peninsula and western Africa to the South Africa and also then north along the eastern African coast in Mozambique. It lives alos in  Mediterranean Sea . Leerfish is a coastal species forming small schools in the surf zone off beaches and rocky promontories. This predator fish is seasonally migratory; it is a highly rated sport fish that can be caught by angling from the shore or from the rocks. Leerfish takes both live baits, such as sardines and mullets and mailny surfcace lures.

DISTRIBUTION: West Atlantic Ocean
MAX SIZE: 77 lb / 35 kg  
MAX LENGTH: 63 inch / 160 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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