LADYFISH (Elops spp.)

An huge ladyfish caught on fly.

This ladyfish was caught on a Rapala Skitter Pop in Australia.

A ladyfish caught in Tobago Island.

There are 6 different species of ladyfish inhabiting tropical and subtropical waters all over world. They are mainly inshore species that are commonly found in hypersaline bays, estuaries, coastal lagoons, along shorlines, and even venture far up coastal streams.
Ladyfish are one of the most dependable targets for fly fishing and light tackle spin fishing, putting up a fight disproportionate to their size. When hooked, ladyfish will often make a fast run and wildly leap into the air, this acrobatic display has earned them the name “small poor tarpon.” Shrimp, cut-bait, wobbler minnows, small jigs, plugs, sliver spoons or streamer flies can used to catch ladyfish, but they will strike almost any appropriately sized offering.

MAX SIZE: 33 lb /15 kg  
MAX LENGTH: 50 inch / 130 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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