POMPANO AFRICAN (Alectis ciliaris)

 A big size african pompano caught while trolling off  Bud N' Mary's in Florida Keys. www.budnmarysblog.com

A 30 lb - 14 kilo african pompano caught on a Blue Water Candy Roscoe Jig while fishing with  www.feedinfrenzycharters.com

Monster size pompano by Adolfo Arevalo Erosa.

Capt. Gregg McKee with an huge african pompano www.pineislandangler.com

African pompano is a member of the jack family. Il lives in both Atlantic and Pacif Ocean in tropical waters. This sea predator is a strong fighter and an excellent light tackle game fish. African pompano  will take small live or dead baits, as well as lures, jigs and feathers. It is usually caught incidentally while trolling for other species like jack, barracuda or king mackerel.

MAX SIZE: 50 lb / 24 kg 
MAX LENGTH: 62 inch / 160 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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