Big arapaimas in a fishing pond.

A 440 pound - 200 plus kilo arapaima caught at Palm Tree Lagoon lake in Thailand www.palmtreelagoon.co.uk

An arapaima caught in Bung San Lan lake in Thailand. www.anglingthailand.com

Leonard J. Kouba fishing in an extremely remote part of Guyana caught this fish measured 121 inches or 3.08 meters long with a girth of 54 inches or slightly more than 137 cm. Using the formula girth squared times length (all in inches) divided by 800 the estimated weight comes out to 441 lbs - 199.7 kg  

A big arapaima caught an released at Palm Tree Lagoon in Thailand

Monster size arapaima caught in Amazon jungler by top angler Marc Towers.

During a trip in Guyana, top fly fishing angler Richard Hart has caught a giant 416 pound - 188.4 kilos arapaiama on fly tackle!

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A 220 lb/100 kg arapaiama in Thailand

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