TREVALLY JACK BLACK (caranx lugubris)

A black jack caught on fly. Image credits:

Robert J.Seidler landed this Black Jack, on Hurricane Bank off Mexico’s Pacific coast.
A 18.8 kg (41 lb 7 oz).

Fly fishing for black jack. Source:

Black Jack videos: 

Fishing black jack from a kayak

The black jack or black trevally is a member of the caranx family. It lived from 10 to 250 metres deep and seems to reach the 100 cm of length and the 20 kg - 45 lb of weight.  It can be fishes in Atlantic and Pacific ocean; some hot spots seems to be Cape Verde Islands, Ascension Islands,  Revillagigedo Islands in Mexico. It lives in large schools of similar size members.

DISTRIBUTION:Atlantic and Pacific Ocean
MAX SIZE:45 lb / 20 kg
MAX LENGTH:40 inch / 100 cm
MAX AGE:Unknown

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