JAPANESE LATES (Lates japonicus)

Japanese angler Hiroyuki Koike caught and released an incredible 33.9 kg (74 lb 11 oz) Japanese Lates (akame) (Lates japonicus) - 


The Japanese lates, or also called akame (Lates japonicus) is a rare and shy fish endemic in Japan.

The Japanese lates was for the first time scientifically described in 1984, having previously been considered the same species as the barramundi (L. calcarifer).

Seems it cam reach a maximum length of 51 inch - 130 cm and a maximum weight of 70 lb - 33 kilograms.

The Japanese lates is a bottom dweller in the freshwater shallows, estuaries, and the ocean. This predator fish is known in the south western part of the Japanese main islands.

MAX SIZE: 70 lb / 33 kg
MAX LENGTH: 51 inch / 130 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown
ENVIRONMENT: Saltwater-Freswater

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