TREVALLY BLUEFIN (Caranx melampygus)

Kathleen J. with thel All-Tackle record IGFA record of 13.24 kg (29 lb 3 oz) caught in Clipperton Attoll, Mexico.

Two good size bluefin trevally caught on fly in Alphonse Island, Seychelles

Bluefin Trevally Videos:

The bluefin trevally is widely distributed in the tropical and subtropical waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans. Bluefin trevally  frequent deeper lagoon and outer reef waters but they also enter channels, and shallower reef areas to eat, then retreat to the deeper areas.

DISTRIBUTION: Pacific and Indian Ocean
MAX SIZE: 32 lb / 15 kg
MAX LENGTH: 47 inch / 120 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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