KOB (Argyrosomus hololepidotus)

Jonathan Timm landed this 145 pound -66 kilo at Haga Haga in the Eastern Cape, S.A.

 John Coleman with a big size kob 

Dylan Rushby with a super size 136 pound - 62 kilo kob

This monster size kob was reported to be aprox. 70 kilos!

A 163 lb - 73 kg kob caught in South Africa

A big kob from South Africa tipping the scales at 72kg -158 lbs

A massive 132lb Cob by Renier from the Mossel Bay area of South Africa

The Kob fish is also called Kabeljou in South Africa or mulloway in Australia. This big predators seems to grow up to 150 pound - 68 kilo but fishes around 60-70 pound are more common. The main distribution include Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique and Australia.

DISTRIBUTION: South Pacific Ocean
MAX SIZE: 150 lb / 68 kg
MAX LENGTH: 70 inch / 180 cm
MAX AGE: Up to 15 years

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