DORADO FRESHWATER (Salmiunus Brasiliensis - Maxillosus)


Fishing the Uruguay River in Concordia, Argentina Lithuanian angler Darius Petrauskas landed this massive dorado (Salminus brasiliensis) while casting a Lindy MG Spinnerbait. Petrauskas was fishing with local guide Enzo Rico when the massive fish hit, and the angler needed 15 minutes to bring the dorado to the boat. The 97 cm dorado qualifies for the potential new All-Tackle Length record which currently stands at 93 cm.

Huge dorado caught and released in Bolivia

This South American fish is found in the rivers of the São Francisco River system of Brazil, the Paraguay and Uruguay River systems, the Magdalena River system of Colombia and the Paran River of Argentina. It also occurs in the Rio de la Plata and has been introduced into the Paralba and Doce rivers of Brazil. It apparently does not occur in the Amazon and Orinoco basins as once believed.

MAX SIZE:75 lb / 34 kg
MAX LENGHT:40 inch / 100 cm
MAX AGE:Unkonwn

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