BLUE CATFISH (Ictalurus furcatus)

Randie Lieneke  93-pound blue catfish out of the Missouri River 

Rob Stanley of Olathe caught a 102 pound blue catfish in Kansas‘s Missouri River, breaking the previous state record.

John Nichols  record-breaking 120 pound blue catfish in the Holt Reservoir in Alabama.

An impressive world record size blue catfish caught in Missouri. A fish of 130 lb / 59 kg

This native species of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio River basin systems frequents deep areas of large rivers, swift chutes, and pools with swift currents. It is confined to the major rivers of the aforementioned systems, extending north into South Dakota and southern Minnesota, and south into Mexico and northern Guatemala. It has been introduced into Virginia. The blue catfish is considered an excellent food and game fish. It prefers clean, swift moving waters where it feeds primarily on fish and crayfish. It is a strong, well toned fish with a fine, delicate flavor.

MAX SIZE:150 lb / 68 kg
MAX LENGHT:64 inch / 165 cm

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