CARP COMMON (Cyprinus carpio carpio)

  A monster carp was caught  by Raul Lopez Ayala on lake Curton (Rainbow lake)  the fish was 83 pound - 38 kilograms. The fish was caught with a boili "Monster Crab original" of John Llewellyn "Big Carp" brand.

Roman Hanke  landed a 100-pound, 4-ounce (45.48 kg) carp at the Euro-Aqua Fishery in Hungary. At present time is the biggest common carp ever landed with rod and reel.

Jo Green 84 pound carp caught in France
Chris Gillett with a colossal 80lb 8oz - 36.6 kilo caught on lake Gigantica in France.

Colin Smith with a 100 lb 8 oz - 45 kilo carp caught in France in a lake at Etang Saussaie.

Fishing on lake Longeville in France, Alain and Jean Claude brothers took out this carp of 34.95 kg - 77.05 lb 

Carp is a member of the cyprinidae family; this fish is also called carpe commune, carpa, Asian carp, karp, koi.The carp's original range was limited to temperate Asia and the rivers of the Black Sea and Aegean basins, notably the Danube, in Europe. Today, carp they are widely distributed in North America below the 50th parallel south to the Florida panhandle. Besides North America, Europe, and Asia, it is also now found in South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. 

Europe Asia N.America
90 lb / 40 kg
43 inch / 110 cm
38 years


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