BASS JAPANASE SUZUKI (Lateolabrax japonicus)

Using a minnow plug, Japanese angler Kentaro Iwakiri, of Oita-Shi, Oita, landed a Japanese seabass (Suzuki) ( weighing 9.4 kg (20 lb 11 oz) with 6 kg (12 lb), line while fishing the Ono River in Japan.

Endemic to the northeastern Pacific from Japan south to Taiwan and the East and South China seas. It is known to frequent river mouths and shallow inshore bays, surf, and rocky reef areas as well as deeper waters. The young occasionally ascend rivers in summer. heir diet includes sardines, anchovies and shrimp, as well as other small fishes and crustaceans. They can be taken by bait fishing with small fish or crustaceans, or by slow trolling, jigging, or casting with feathers, plugs, flashy jigs or spoons at any level from the bottom to the surface. Best fishing is said to be at night and dawn near the surface. The largest fish are caught in fall and winter.

MAX SIZE:20 lb / 9 kg
MAX LENGHT:40 inch / 102 cm
MAX AGE:unknowns

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