SNAPPER PAPUAN BLACK (Lutjanus goldiei)

A nice specimen caught by angler Wai Loong.

Jason N. Yip fishing the Kumimaipa River hooked into a monster of a Papuan black snapper (Lutjanus goldiei) of 20.87 kilos - 46 pound.

A world record size papuan balck snapper (

An huge 80 lb -38 kilo papuan black snapper caught in Papua New Guinea.

 Papuan Balck Snapper is a member of the Lutjanidae family; it is also called Niugini bass, Papuan black bass, pargo de Papua, vivaneau de Papua, ikan merah. The Papuan black snapper is known only from southern Papua New Guinea from the Port Moresby district to the Fly River. Popularly know as Niugini bass and Papuan black bass, this species is actually a member of the snapper family. It is rated as one of the worlds toughest yet least-known freshwater fishes. The fish inhabits large, snag infested jungle streams and tributaries and may occur in estuaries.
Casting with saltwater-quality surface plugs or shallow and medium running plugs is the most common method of fishing for this species. Papuan black bass are also caught trolling and a few have discovered that fly-fishing is possible. The major challenge is stopping an individual before it dives for cover. 

MAX SIZE: 55 lb / 25 kg
MAX LENGHT: 47 inches / 120 cm
MAX AGE: Unkonwn
ENVIRONMENT: Freshwater Saltwater

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