Nathan Adams and his friends were out on his boat in the New Zealand waters when the hauled in a record-sized fish, and several other prize fish. The real prize may be the near 740-pound southern bluefin tuna, which may be a new world record.

Paul Worsteling caught 30 miles off the west coast of New Zealand a 606 pound southern bluefin tuna. 

Angler Karen Wright caught a southern bluefin tuna that weighed more than 316 pounds - 143 kilos 

The las decade has seen impressive runs of Pacific bluefin off of New Zealand, and several All-Tackle records have been caught there recently, including the current record of 716 lb 8 oz. Oftentimes Pacific bluefin tuna may be distinguished from southern bluefin by the dark color of their caudal keels at the base of the tail. Southern bluefin tuna generally have a yellow or yellowish coloration on the caudal keel, but this may not be a 100 % accurate means of differentiating between species.

MAX SIZE:770 lb / 350 kg
MAX LENGHT:7,5 feet/ 2,50 mt
MAX AGE:Unkonwn

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