A world record size southern yellowtail caught in New Zealand.

Two huge size yellowtail or kingfish caught on board Enchanter fishing off Three Kings in New Zealand

Southern Yellowtail Videos:

Fishing at Three Kings in Ne Zealand

Occurs south of the equator (not warm in equatorial waters) off Argentina, southern Brazil, St. Helena, South Africa, Australia and North Island, New Zealand.  The yellowtail is a fast swimmer. The strike is vicious and is followed by a long, hard run and sometimes two or three shorter runs before the fish is boated. Fishing methods include trolling or casting with live baits or with lures. The yellowtail's habit of driving bait fish up against the shore makes casting from the beach possible at times. The advice of experts is to allow time for the bait to be swallowed, then strike hard.

DISTRIBUTION: South Pacific Ocean
MAX SIZE: 130 lb / 58kg
MAX LENGHT: 70 inch / 180 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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